Guerilla Sewing Next Week!

Okay peeps… it’s time to add to your post-Apocalyptic skills. Next Wednesday is the first of three Guerilla Sewing workshops at Arts Benicia.


I’ve found that most sewing classes are intimidating and tedious. My style of teaching is just the opposite. I teach the easy, fast and seriously fun way to sew, design and alter garments, make costumes, home furnishings and art projects. I include lessons on how to use a Serger (that’s the professional sewing machine that finishes edges on the inside.)


I teach how to copy garments instead of using complicated patterns and teach lots of shortcuts. Sewing and designing is actually easy if you know all the tricks.

I provide everything you’ll need but students are encouraged to bring a project, garment to copy or alter, and your own sewing machine if you have one.

Once you learn sewing and design basics, you are only limited by your imagination. For more info and registration, visit Arts Benicia. 

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