Got Playa Boots?

Why do you need boots at Burning Man?
1. You need to keep the harsh playa dust off your tender feet. Wearing sandals may seem pleasant at first, but after a few days your feet will dry out, crack, and burn from the alkali dust. Regular shoes are better, but the super-fine dust makes its way down through socks. Ankle-boots or taller are best at keeping playa away from your feet. playa
2. Burners spend a lot of time on their feet. More than shoes or sandals, boots offer good support, plus they are comfortable, stable, and  warm at night. Boots are easily adaptable to arch supports, inserts, or thick socks.
3. Boots are effin’ hot. They look great with everything, make you walk with confidence and you’ll feel like a super-hero.
4. Good boots will protect your feet from dangerous materials (embers, hardware, rebar) and unpleasant substances (think porta-potty).

Why go for second-hand boots?
1. As burners, we value sustainability and reusability so Upcycling is haute right now. By using Obtanium (reincarnated objects), you are repurposing existing materials instead of wasting new resources.
2. Consider that the playa is harsh on most materials, so your boots will NEVER be the same. Why destroy your $300 boots when you can frolic blissfully in your $25 boots?
3. Used boots have been broken in and tamed, so they are likely to be more comfortable than brand new boots.
4. Upcycled boots are affordable enough to purchase for Halloween costumes, special occasions or just as play-clothes.

What makes Cinder Garden Upcycled Boots Swell?
We select high-quality, gently-used women’s and men’s boots. Our boot styles range from Femmy to Butch and everything in between. All are chosen for their durability, sturdiness, and comfort, all important factors for use on the playa.

My collection of affordable pre-owned  boots for women (and some mens) will be available at the Black Rock Outpost at Friends of Black Rock in Gerlach as of August 20, 2016. Prices range from $20-$30.

2 Replies to “Got Playa Boots?”

  1. Hey Judes,
    Love the boots. Wondering if you ever take commissions? I’m need some kitchen curtains.
    Lisa R.
    Let’s have a beer sometime

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