Steampunk Your Style

The great thing about the Steampunk genre, is it’s versatility. There are many flavors of Steampunk, and it’s easy to Steamy flavor to your everyday or special occasion digs.

For Ladies:

Start with dark pants, skirt, bloomers or gouchos. On top,  corsets, lacy camisoles or lightweight Victorian type blouses in sepia tones work. Add avest of herringbone, paisley or dark solids, grommeted accessories like belts and hip pouches. Victorian shoes or boots ranging from biker, combat to granny are a must.  If you showing leg, add fishnet stockings or burlesque thigh-high socks with garter clips. Jewelry like Victorian cameos, industrial chain and goth beading works well. Top it off with a top hat and goggles.

For Gentlemen:

Start with black or brown pants with pin stripes or industrial cargo pants for the working-man look. For shirts, wear a white button-up shirt (not button down), pirate shirt or dark print with paisley or pinstripe. Add a dark vest, chunky belt and a top coat, wooly sportcoat, pirate coat or tux tails.  Footwear can be boots of any kind,  the more industrial the better. Add accessories like pocket watches, chained wallets, tool belts, small tools, top hat with goggles.

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