The New Bag Lady

So I’ve been experimenting with the upholstery fabric samples from BANG. I’ve come up with a sturdy tote bag… the perfect size for Farmer’s Market, books, stuff.

This is one of the prototypes. It’s made from four different samples of soft Laura Ashley cotton-linen blend fabric. The edges are double stitched, (serged and stitched) and the bottom is flat. The best part is, these bags are made from 100% Obtainium… no new resources were used.

Height 13″, Length 11 1/2″, Width 5″, Handles 10″

I’d love some feedback on size, price, features, etc. Would an internal or external pocket be useful?

One Reply to “The New Bag Lady”

  1. Living as I do on boats, I have and use a lot of totebags. I like them large, but not so deep they drag on the ground. Internal pockets are good, especially if they close securely for keys, money, etc. One really great one I have has a wine bottle pocket. Large, flat pockets to keep papers from getting crumpled are good, too. Padded handles are nice when lugging heavy groceries for miles.

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