Burners… Start Your Sewing Machines

For members of the Burning Man community, January means it’s time to start making plans for this year’s Burn. As ticket sales open this month, art projects are being planned, camps are forming and the clock is now ticking.

BM Tickets 2015

Playa fashion is a huge part of Burning Man, but it’s often the left to the last minute. My sewing season begins now… mostly because I need the next seven months to work on Steampunk and Burning Man clothing. Every year I get fashion emergency requests for playa attire…. usually a week or two before Burning Man. Don’t be that guy or gal!


This is also the time of year that I encourage burners to use this quiet time to start their own playa-wear projects.

I’m here to help… I’ve scheduled two Guerilla Sewing Workshops for beginners and intermediate students in Benicia, just 25 minutes from the East Bay.

  • Sunday January 18, 1pm-5pm
  • Sunday March 8, 1pm-5pm

Click here for more details about the workshops.

So whether you need sewing lessons or not, it’s time to get busy…. the Man Burns in just 241 days!

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