Darn It: Learning to Darn Socks

I had a couch day today, so I experimented with darning my wool socks. I found plenty of videos on Youtube; key words are Visible Mending.

I gathered my favorite tools; vintage wood darning eggs, vintage mending wool yarn, my darning needle burrito and two sizes of scissors.

My favorite SmartWool socks needed some love. The heels had become thin and thread bare, so I remade the heels:

  • I used wool darning yarn, but embroidery floss works too.
  • I usually double my yarn, but this made the patch feel lumpy and bulky.
  • A long embroidery needle worked great since I could stitch a long section at a time.
  • I used two colors to basically weave a new layer.
  • This project takes time, but it made me slow down, sit in my comfy chair with an adult beverage. I truly enjoyed the methodic process.

I am happy with the result. I sense I’ll get better with more experience. I highly recommend trying this, especially if you love your socks!

Click here for inspiration: Visible Mending on Youtube

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