Order: Upcycled Bloomers

Bloomer Model

I make shorty and knee length Urban Utila-Bloomers, made from upcycled cotton bedsheets, home linens, used trousers and upholstery fabric samples. These are great to wear under a bustle, a skirt or just on their own for a fun burlesque look.

Bedsheet Bloomer; shorty – $25.00
Bedsheet Bloomer; knee-length – $30.00
Bedsheet Bloomer; calve-length – $30.00
Urban Cargo Bloomer, shorty – $40.00
Urban Cargo Bloomer, knee-length – $45.00
Urban Cargo Bloomer, calve-length – $45.00

These are currently available through special order: 


Grey Utilabloom backGrey Utilabloom d ringGrey Utilabloom front

Peachy Pillowcase Bloomers: Made from cotton pillowcase and vintage lace. Hand-dyed.

Peach shorty.jpg

* The bloomers shown below are examples of what I make. Every one is one-on-a-kind. 


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