Personal Writings

I’m a writer at heart, so I often journal about my struggles and triumphs. Here are some of my essays about life, death, depression, hope, fear, strength, love, family and parenting.

Living with Depression
Confession Time
Being Creative Makes You Happy
Beauty in the Breakdown
Being Underwater
When the Wild Things Hurt
Just Keep Swimming

Hope, Fear, Faith & Forgiveness
Hope Is
The Universe is Listening
Hope & Fear for the New Year
Believing in Humanity
The Value of Forgiveness
The End of the World and the Big Chill

Strength & Survival
Going Ten Rounds with the Universe
Riding the Tardis of Chaos
Free-range and Feral
Juggling Chainsaws
Making Lemonade
Sink or Swim
Using my Post-Apocolyptic Survival Skills

Self Care for the Soul
Exhaling Behind the Wheel
Home is Where you Hang Your Ears
A Little Breathing Room

The Search for Happiness
The Best Gift Ever
Being Creative Makes You Happy
Color me Happy!
Stop and Pet the Flowers
Just Below the Surface
My Reunion with the Ocean
The Pursuit of Happiness

Loss & Grief:
Sorry for Your Loss
One Last Gift for Mom
Saying Goodbye to Mooch
Dear William…
Loosing Bill Harsh
A Release of Energy
Dad’s Depature
Going Towards the Light
Life Really is Short

Coming Out as a Single Parent
You Remind Me of Home
A Dark Desert Highway
Pajama Day
My First Name is Mama
Recognizing Mini-me
The Tea in Team

Choosing Your Family
Cancer Can Suck It!
Free Rectal Exam
When Enough is Enough
One Step Forward… One Step Back
New Thanksgiving Traditions
Becoming the Parent to my Parents

Love & Relationships
Making Time for Love
The Dating Game: The Over-40 Edition
The Do Over
I Love You Man

Is Age Really Just a Number?
Weather Report: a Balmy 48

Year-end Recaps
Thanks Giving for Another Year
Top Ten New Things for the New Year
2012: The Beginning of the End
This Year’s Lessons

Burning Man
Burning Man 2015 As it Neverwas
Founding Black Rock Scouts
The Dust Has Settled….
Heading to Gerlach
Burning Man 12-Step Program: Steps 1-6
Burning Man: Steps 7-11
Burning Man: Step 12 and Beyond
Burning Man 2012: Working the Gate
Burning Man 2012: The Quest for Ice
Burning Man 2012: Early Arrival
My First Blog on the Burning Man Site
Burning Man – Rights of Passage
Temple of Forgiveness
The Burning Man in your Neighbors Backyard, an M-pyre love story… 2009

Sustainable Lifestyle

Darn It: Learning to Darn Socks
Living Large in a Small House
Have an Eco-Holiday
Going Green: 9 Experts Tips For an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season and New Year
Green Christmas Trees!
Leave No Trace Bitches
Food Bank Donation = Steampunk Christmas Tree
The Poor Pride Movement

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