Obtainium Cup & Art Car Jam: July 16-17

dick_dastardly_and_muttley_by_mixedfan8643-d7hthuzYou’ve heard the stories… pedal-powered contraptions, monkeys being shot from potato guns, a fleet of art cars roaming the streets of Vallejo. It’s all true. It’s like a live-action version of ‘Wacky Races’… with better sportsmanship.

These two events have joined together to create a full weekend of interactive mobile art, ridiculous pageantry and non-stop shananagans.

obCup2016 poster

The festival will include:

  • How-to demonstrations for painting, gluing, riveting, hammering, and calking.
  • Live art car decoration
  • Obtainum Cup Contraptors Rally
  • Children’s art chalk contest
  • Fashion Show
  • Tea Party
  • Steampunk-inspired vending booths
  • Live music by “O Happy Dagger”
  • Beer Garden

I’ll be vending my Steampunk wear at this fun event. We are seeking other Steampunk, Upcycled or Burner Makers as well as Food Vendors, Art Cars, Rally Teams and volunteers.

Join the fun by visiting: Obtainium Works

Eli competing in 2014


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