Happy Birthday Ginzu!

Every year during Burning Man, I volunteer at Friends of Black Rock High Rock, a conservation non-profit. I set up a pop-up playa provisions shop to raise money for FBRHR. The space in Gerlach is their HQ and meeting place for tours to Fly Geyser, but also houses a radio station, which is hosted by Will Roger Peterson.

Last year during opening weekend, there was an auto collision between Gerlach and Gate Road, so traffic in town halted for a few hours. Eli had surprised me by arriving in Gerlach for the weekend, so he and other volunteers helped me set up a sitting area in front of the shop for wayward burners. We served iced coffee and chai while the crowd grew.  Since we had nothing but time, I started interviewing people live on the radio. Live music began happening spontaneously, so I pulled out my ukulele.

IMG_20190825_154519097That’s when a tall blonde goddess with a Dutch accent approached me. She was a singer and agreed to sing live if I would accompany her on my uke. She improvised the lyrics on the spot, and I accompanied her with back up vocals.

I shared this story with my playa brother, Ginzu whom I met through my dear William.

I  wanted to share it with Ginzu for his birthday.  So here you go… Happy Birthday Ginzu Bunny!

William Ginzu

Recorded in Gerlach, Nevada, August 25th, 2019.


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